How to get better at writing

Mihaela Tacu
3 min readApr 25, 2021

Today is a special day. I wrote my first story on Medium a couple of hours ago. As for now, I’ve only received 9 views. However, that’s more than enough to keep me going. Here’s why.

I don’t have a monetary goal. At least not for now. Every day, from Monday to Friday, I’m writing for a local company. I write commercial texts, from short posts to articles, video scripts, brochures and campaigns. And everything in between. I’m not that experienced, either. In fact, I’ve only started 6 months ago.

Until now, I barely wrote anything for my own pleasure. I don’t post much on Facebook, neither on Instagram. I keep on saying, “I’ve got no time!”. False.

We all have time; it’s our priorities that are different.

If I learned anything from my recent Copywriting course is the importance of writing everyday. And building a social presence. Therefore, I’ve got to write. Doing it for my own good.

Here’s a story to hold me accountable.

How to write better in no time ( well, almost)

1. Write a little bit every day.

I’m kind of already doing that. But I want to expand my writing abilities. Which means researching multiple topics. It must be interesting topics. At least, I should find them so. It’s definitely easier to spend plenty of time researching topics that interest me. And writing about them, afterwards.

Start from Art, and write for my boyfriend’s Instagram page. Move on to fitness, because I’m going to the gym x3/week. So, this would be a good topic for me.

And of course, Economics. Well, I majored in Economics. And my professor has kindly asked me almost a year ago to publish an article on his website. It would give me some great exposure. And not only that, but some experience in editorial work. It would look great on my resume and in my portfolio.

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2. Read. A lot.

Not just basic Facebook posts. Read articles, from varied sources, topics, fields. Then, books. Mostly fiction. That’s how you improve your writing and vocabulary. It’s good to get your imagination going. And storytelling. As for now, I’m not that great at this, yet.

So, let’s start reading. At least 1 book/ week. Mostly in the fiction genre. From romance to dystopias, horrors, dramas, classic literature, easy reads, everything.

But no self-development thing. It’s the same. All over again. You could read a book about how to get rich and you’ve already read all of them. Duh, why are these authors so bad? They are just like everyone else. There’s nothing new in those books. It’s all the same. You don’t get rich by reading that stuff. You actually waste money and time on them.

And time is one of the greatest commodities. Cost of opportunity, anyone?

To recap: Read, write, and all over again. That’s how you get better. But no self-development thing. Okay?

Thank you for reading my story!

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