How college made my life go crazy

Mihaela Tacu
3 min readApr 25, 2021

A long time ago, when there was no pandemic, nor a necessity to wear masks.. I was a college student. A crazy one. Or just like everyone else.

I’m no longer a student. At least, by now. Because I do plan on returning to school, to get my Master’s degree in a popular field, like Digital Marketing.

College is all about studying

If you were a student before, say a couple of years ago, or a decade ago, you know what it’s all about. Studying, getting ready for the midterms or exams, doing research in the library and getting all stressed out before a deadline. Duh, those couple of hours before a paper is due, you know the feeling, don’t you?

Or is it?

Hahaha, except it’s not only about that. Of course, studying is cool, and as a student, you should do that. Especially if you paid a couple of thousands of dollars on your tuition and living costs. I’m looking at you, Americans! Because I paid nothing, thanks God for the cool and reliable Romanian system. In fact, I even lived for free on the college campus. Yeah, the conditions could’ve been better, but we had hot water and very warm rooms all the time. What more could you ask for?

As a college student, it’s all about having fun, drinking a bit (not a lot!), meeting people and experiencing life. If you did none of that, shame of you. Well, you could still do it, but it’s slightly harder when you have a family to feed and jobs to sustain. The 9–5 life ain’t that fun.

I am proud to say that I did most of the stuff. Did you? Share your story in the comments, please! I’d be glad to read it. However, I could have traveled more. Especially considering that we had free rides. You heard it right, we could have bought a free train ticket to walk on the beach or go for a hike in the mountains. In the realms of the Romanian territories. I heard it’s no longer free. Poor students. Too bad I didn’t make much use of it. In fact, I only traveled for a bit.

What’s college actually like

My life as a college student was quite lit. I lived with a couple of strangers, traveled abroad, made some amazing friends (okay, just 1 best friend but it’s still good, am I right?), a couple of enemies, had some fights. Funny story! I could share it with you later on, if you’d like to! And, of course, went on a couple of dates, entered a short-term relationship, or was it more of a fling?

Just like every college student. I was not special, and I’m still nothing special.

I WISH I WAS SPECIAL! *Insert some slightly depressive Radiohead vibe*

It’s official: I’ve got a clickbait title

I’m just like you. If you’ve even been to college. Nevertheless, I think it’s similar to everyone’s story. Just like a bildungsroman, the road from a little girl to a grown ass woman. (I wish it were a bildungsroman, I’m not that smart, yet, to write something like that).

In the next stories, I will move on with my college life experiences, but in detail. Of course, if you’re interested to see that.

Would you like to read more about it, maybe reminiscence for a bit?

Tell me in the comments, good or bad, feedback is always welcomed. Except if you’re my boss, critiquing my copy about the kitchen cabinets.

Talk to you soon! Oh, this is my first ever story published on Medium.

I’m excited!



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